Sunday, March 15, 2015

And the Sun Came Out

Yesterday I woke up feeling great! It was so nice after almost a week of feeling irritable, angry and depressed. Friday night I talked to a different counselor. I was able to share everything that was in my head and what I was feeling toward some staff members here, including wanting a new Care Coordinator. I'd love to have her as my Care Coordinator. She's sweet and really seems like she cares. She doesn't get that patronizing voice and I feel I can open up to her, unlike my current Care Coordinator. And surprise, surprise, I wake up the day after feeling great! I even started working on a story. Grant you, it's just something for myself alone, but it feels good to be writing. The story is a fantasy romance with the current Bond. What can I say, I love Daniel Craig as the blond James Bond. He has that rough edge to him and he's not a pretty boy. He exudes charisma. Anyway, it's based off a story I had originally written a few years ago, but got left in Mexico when I left. I knew I could do a better job of it this time around and so far I think it's superior to the first.

Since the main character is myself a handful of years from now, I've pulled from more of my memories this time around and have been taking my time. The first time, I feel I rushed it, just wanting to write it, but didn't put in enough details in. I also seemed to write it more like, this happened then that happened... There just wasn't that true creativity in it. I've been remedying that. 

Right now, the Peer Support Specialist is reading what I've written so far. It's not really that much, but I want someone's opinion of it. Plus, part of the enjoyment of writing is sharing it. And that in turn sparks more creativity! Win win!

For this weekend I feel good. I might be tired and feel like I'm dragging a bit from not sleeping well, but it hasn't dampened my spirits. 

I have faith tomorrow will be just as good! 

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