Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Beginning

Life is full of interesting twists and turns, most of which we don't expect. So is it with my life. I plan on this blog being a combination of my life events and thoughts. Maybe even some of my creativity; questions I ask myself. Maybe even poetry or things like that. Perhaps even recipes. I want to share not just my darkness, but also the light I have within me. Sometimes it's hard to see that light within, so I'm going to do what I can to bring that part of me out more.
I will start with where I am at the moment. I am in a Residential Treatment Transitional Housing Program. I have my own room and I am in the process of getting the treatment I need. I like it here and have made some new friends. One in particular I really like. His name is Jerry and he calls me Aunty, which I like a great deal. He and I have a lot in common so we have some good conversations. He also seems to know whenever I'm not feeling well and asks how I am. He also spoils me by getting things from the Circle K on the corner. The first time he took me there he got me a drink. I wasn't expecting to get more, but he got me a candy. I picked out one and he insisted I get another. :-) That was so sweet of him! He laughed and said I was his cheapest friend; that everyone always asked for things. He even took me out to lunch the other day at the Beach Break Café across from the Circle K. Oh the food there is so good! That wasn't cheap either and I warned him before we went, but again he was insistent. I had a Frisco Burger. It was a hamburger on sourdough bread, smothered with Monterey Jack cheese. And of course, it came with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and pickles. The fries were perfect too. He got the Mahi Mahi Burrito and wow! It was BIG! For me, I ended up taking half or a little more than that home, but he finished his and it also came with fries. He really likes it. I might try it next time I got if I don't get a veggie omlet. Everything there looks good. We got to see most of it because we took a seat at the counter and got to see all the food going out to the tables. We also had root beer. I forgot how good root beer was until I got it there.

I'd gone to the Beach Break Café once before. I had also ended up at the counter. The place was PACKED! So I was lucky to get that seat. Then I had ordered the Beach Break Burger and it was delicious! It had avocado on it! I had also opted for grilled onions. But I missed the bite of the raw onions. Again the fries were cooked to perfect and the root beer was awesome. Then I sat down at the counter the man next to me started up and conversation with me and it made the time even more enjoyable! He was a reader so we talked about books among other things. His name was Joel and I look forward to hopefully running into him again. He even gave me the book he was reading. It was a book he's read before. I haven't started reading it yet, but I'm going to. After all, I have to see if I like this author. If I do, it's another one I can add to my list.
I suppose that's enough for my very first entry. Who knows what will follow!

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