Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Morning's a Beach

I went to the beach this morning after being here for two months. The sad thing is it's just a block away! But I have to be in the right mood or have a reason to leave my place. I'm strange. I know, but it's how I've been for a very long time.Otherwise, I'm perfectly content to stay in my own little world. Even if it's not pleasant sometimes. Though for the last few days my mind hasn't been too bad of a place. 

I did, however, give myself a purpose to go to the beach. I wanted to take photos. I've really enjoyed taking photos and especially of nature. The beach has always been a favorite place to take them. I haven't been to the beach much over the years, though I hope to spend a lot more time there now that I live so close. It was definitely a good morning. 

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