Monday, May 4, 2015

Oh The Sun Shines Bright!

I have had a very good weekend! Friday was one of the best days I have had in a very long time! Jordan came up to see me! It was so good to see my son! I have missed him so much! Even before he arrived I was having a great day! It being the 1st, I had money. Of course, I have spent way too much, but it had been worth it in my opinion! I ordered several things off of Amazon. Most of them were DVDs. But I did order my tarot deck and book that I used to have. Of course, Jordan arrived way earlier than I thought he would!! In fact, he got there before Community meeting at 8:00am! He was able to join us for the walk though because none of the counselors came with us. He got to meet his "cousin" too! And like I predicted, they hit it off! Of course, after that, I tried to get Jordan signed in as a visit early. No go... He had to go hang out at 7 Eleven while I did my chore. Jerry, his cousin, left to go keep him company. After I was done, I took off to meet them. I left something important behind! Originally we were going to go to The Beach Break Café for lunch, but because Jordan was hungry and we had to be back by 11:00am for group, we tried to get in there early. Unfortunately, they were packed. There was no way we would be able to get seated in time, let alone eat! Instead, Jerry suggested Angelo's burger. Immediately I agreed! They have the best onion rings! So we walk there, though I am not big on walking. Then when we get there, I realized that I didn't have my purse! Which meant, of course, I didn't have my debt card to pay for the meal! Thank God for Jerry. He covered for me. Told me not to worry about it. He saved the day. I got a cheese burger with onion rings and a drink. Jordan got this huge double cheeseburger, I think. Jerry got carne asada fries. I ended up taking half of mine home, of course. That's how it is with me! LOL! I was surprised I ate as much as I did. We barely made it back in time for group. Jordan had to wait at 7 Eleven again. But at noon I told him he could finally come to the door and get checked in. The idea was that Jerry, Jordan and I were going to spend the day together. Jerry, however, ended up disappearing. I waited as long as I could and then Jordan and I took off. We had to. Jordan had to get back to San Diego at a decent hour so he wasn't late getting into where he's living at the moment.

We left and the first thing I did was go to MetroPCS to pay my cell phone bill. I have to pay that. I live on that thing. I have my internet connection. My Aim, YouTube, Facebook... Plus I have Netflix and I sleep to "America Unearthed" every night. After I paid my bill we went next door to 31 Flavors and got ice cream. It was a special treat for both of us. After that, the idea was to get my bus pass renewed, then head to Walmart. Well, when we got to the transit center, we have about five minutes to make the bus to Walmart or the trip was going to be a complete no go, so instead of filling my bus pass, we hoped the bus to Walmart. It was fun at Walmart. Of course, I got stuff I wanted. I also bought Jordan a few things he needed, including new jeans and a new t-shirt. I had to get myself some personal clothing items! LOL! Then I kept forgetting things and we'd end up back and the other side of the store! It took us forever to get done, so the only thing we could do at the end of it was hop the bus back so he could make his bus back to San Diego. I really regretted forgetting my cart. It was a pain in the ass to carry everything back. In fact, once back, I had to smuggle in my stuff in two loads because we didn't have time for Jordan to sign back in and then out again. I had also pulled out the money he needed to take the online class for his Guard card and to get fingerprinted. I want to make sure he can get that done and get a job! But it was so good to see him! I hated to say goodbye. He was able to call me when he got back though, which was nice. That night I took my new medication and I ended up sleeping really well the first night. Unfortunately it wasn't so good the next night, nor last night. But the difference is that I am feeling more refreshed even though I am still waking up at night. I think it's putting me in a deeper sleep. Hey, whatever works!

Saturday was just a rest day really. I don't think anything exciting happened. Nothing I can remember anyway! Then yesterday was great! I have a new "Nephew!" He's Jerry's friend and he just entered the program here. I wanted to get a photo of the boys together, but he doesn't like to have his photo taken for certain reasons so I honored that.

Basically we went to Starbucks to use the WiFi. I wanted to go because I wanted to download Microsoft Word until I saw the price of it. Over $100! YIKES! So I remembered another friend of mine had suggested this program called OpenOffice. It's free and it works with Microsoft office. Basically, someone with Word can opened documents from this program. Now I did download it, but I haven't tried it yet. Fingers crossed that it works. I need it to so I can get back to my writing. It's just not the same writing by hand! It just doesn't flow. It can't possibly keep up with my thought processes where typing does since I am a relatively fast typist. I'm not as fast as I used to be, but I'm still a lot faster than handwriting! LOL! I'll probably try it out tomorrow. I also brought myself a Cream Chai Frappuccino and Jerry a caramel one. Manny bought his own though I offered. He has a thing about people buying stuff for him. That was okay. I got to buy him lunch! ;-) After we were done there we hit this pizza place nearby and to be honest, it was horrible. They charged an arm and a leg and it was like eating the cheapest pizza you can imagine. I'm sorry, but if I'm paying $20 for a pizza, I expect it to be better than Little Cesar's. Ugh! I will NEVER go back there again.

After that we went to Walmart! My favorite place! LOL! DANGER! DANGER! Yes, I spent way too much money! I got a few more food items, but mostly DVDs and three shirts. But one was a replacement of another that somehow got bleach on the back of. I think someone must have accidently splashed me with some. It was fun, but  I left a lot poorer. LOL! We managed to catch the bus right on time and made it back in time for dinner. Of course, I was still full! I couldn't take more than four bites. I felt so bad. I hate wasting food, but I didn't have a choice. I wasn't going to make myself sick. Plus, I don't want to stretch out my stomach. So I through almost all of it away.

That night though, I got to tell Manny all about the different stories I've written and told him of some of the ideas I have for other books; such as my ideas for assassin books. He was so captivated that he wanted me to give him permission to turn it into an anime! LOL! I was like, no... I want to write them into books! But I have to say it could be interesting! I also told him how it was suggested to me to pitch it as a video game. He was excited by that too. That was fun to be able to share my creativity with someone who was really into the stories I was sharing. What's funny though is that he was trying to talk me into getting into video games, but I told him I just wasn't into competition or getting timed. So what does he do? He finds me a cute game that my daughter used to play and I do kinda like called "Animal Crossing." He was telling me how to work it as I played. It was fun! But eventually I had to go to bed.

Today was equally good! I ended up having an appointment with my cardiologist. I left and missed the early bus that I wanted because it had come early, and I thought I wasn't going to be able to do what I wanted to do before my appointment, but as it turned out I still got to the hospital early. I had wanted to go to the gift shop because they sell my favorite chocolates in the world - See's Candy. It is the BEST chocolate. Nothing compares to it in my  opinion. But it's expensive. Still, I bought two boxes. One was truffles! But it was $30 just for that. Then I also brought a little cat stuffy decoration and then a cat vase I had fallen in love with the last time I was there. However, after my purchases I realized that I had gone to the wrong place. I was at the hospital and I needed his office! Thank God it was right across the street! LOL! I got there with time to spare. But he had three people slated for 3:30pm. It took forever to get taken back and then it was quite awhile before he showed up. But I did get to play with his little dog Diego, though and that was fun! He totally destroyed his toy though! We played tug-o-war for a little. It was a bitch to get a good photo of him. There were a lot of fails before I finally got one! Then finally I saw the doctor and he said everything looked fine from the halter monitor, but he had to see my blood work to know for sure. So that's the next thing I have to do. I have to schedule an appointment with my regular doctor to get blood taken and get tests run. I was kicking myself for not bringing my charger because my phone was dying. By the time I was back I was down to 8%. I really need to get a charger I can keep in my purse. Of course, I was playing the music I had bought off the Google PlayStore that morning - Depeche Mode, of course! I got just the songs I wanted and that worked for me! I have been playing them over and over again non-stop! But between that, writing with my friend over aim on our story and playing on Facebook I ran the battery down! LOL! Before I went home though, I had to stop at 7 Eleven and got myself a Horchata drink. For those that don't know it's like liquid rice pudding! Delicious! I did make it back in time to get some dinner though barely! We had Pizza Pasta which is one of the dishes I really like. So glad I got some!

What did aggravate me a little was that they didn't call group. So I missed half of the group tonight. When I pointed that out, I made sure I got full credit for attending even though I missed over half. It wasn't exactly my fault. No one told me and I was distracted. But after that, Jerry asked if I wanted to go get a soda with him and I agreed. From there he wanted to play this lottery game called the Derby Dash or Daily Derby or something. I picked ONE horse! LOL! We'll see how it goes. He said he'd split his winnings 50/50! LOL! We'll see if he wins!

Anyway, the night is coming to an end so it's time to let the sun set on the day and let the night take over. No storm clouds on the horizon so all is good!

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